BioPav 20


BIOPAV20® is a cost effective biodegradable asphalt release agent for truck boxes. To be used at the asphalt plant before loading truck box for transport. Once mixed with water and sprayed, Biopav20® creates an ultra effective protective film which prevents the hot mix from adhering to metal surfaces.

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Easy to use; apply a thin film before loading asphalt.
Cost effective; mix 1 part BIOPAV20® with 20 parts water.
Biodegradable; 100% pure plant based formula , contains no water.

Available sizes options:

  • 5gal / 20L Pail
  • 45gal / 205L Drum
  • 220gal / 1000L Tote tank

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5gal / 20L Pail, 45gal / 205L Drum, 220gal / 1000L Tote tank