BioPav 1000

BIOPAV1000 is a powerful bitumen stripper. It effectively dislodges accumulated residues of bitumen, asphalt, tar or glue. This eco-friendly and biodegradable formula is one of the most efficient products in the segment. In addition to being nonflammable, it is safe for both the user and the equipment. With outstanding performance characteristics and competitive pricing, BIOPAV1000 is an excellent substitute for conventional, orange-based cleaners.

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  1. Using a pump-up hand sprayer, apply BIOPAV1000 generously to the areas to be cleaned.
  2. For light duty, allow the product to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes. For heavy buildup of bitumen, asphalt, tar or glue, allow product to soak in for a longer period of time. The longer the exposure time, the better the results. A blackish flow will appear as the product begins to work its way in to breakdown the buildup. The exposure time should be shortened on rubber, plastic and painted surfaces. (see labeling for details).
  3. Use a pressure washer to clean all surfaces. For best results, use hot water or a steam pressure wash system.

Rubber, plastic or painted surfaces

When BIOPAV1000 is applied on rubber, plastic or painted surfaces, these surfaces should be washed with soapy water as quickly as possible. The product should be removed and neutralized after being applied. Always perform an initial test on a small area before applying on the entire surface to be cleaned. For further information about application and safety measures on the use of this product, please refer to the product label.

We recommend personal protection equipment with the use of all our products.


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5gal / 20L Pail, 45gal / 205L Drum, 220gal / 1000L Tote tank