BioPav 100

# 1 in Ontario for market share growth. A highly effective and versatile release agent for heavy equipment and hand tools. Outstanding performance on all types of asphalt mixes including polymers. Specifically formulated for use on rubber tire rollers, shuttle buggie bins, paver bins, hot boxes and hand tools. One of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly alternatives on the market. BIOPAV100 is designed to replace all types of release agents, including diesel.

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Apply BIOPAV100 at regular intervals with an integrated spray system or a pump-up hand sprayer on all surfaces that come in to contact with asphalt. For hot boxes, simply apply once before every load. When applied, BIOPAV100 will form a protective film that will prevent asphalt from sticking to surfaces. The product should be applied neat and not be mixed or diluted with other substances. BIOPAV100 is ultra-concentrated and very efficient, large quantities are not required. It should be applied in moderate quantities with the spray directed at the running surfaces of the tires or the areas that come in to contact with asphalt rather than the entire equipment. Coated surfaces should be washed with soapy water after use. For areas where asphalt has dried and built up, use our BIOPAV1000 Asphalt Remover.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made from totally renewable and recycled materials.
  • Does not contain any petroleum products.
  • User safe.

Cost Effective/Efficient

  • Minimal quantities required.
  • Full strength formula, contains no fillers.
  • Also effective with polymers.
  • Competive pricing, contact us for volume offers and discounts.


  • Ultra-efficient over extended periods.
  • Will work down to -15C.

Available in 20-litre pails, 205-litre drums, or 1000-litre tanks. (bulk also available)


We recommend personal protection equipment with the use of all our products.

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5gal / 20L Pail, 45gal / 205L Drum, 220gal / 1000L Tote tank