Huile-a-demoulage-structurale-betonOur structural oil is specifically designed to optimize its dispersion on forms.  Liquid yet dry, it is ideal for structures and multi-level construc-
tions.  Less greasy and not as sticky as other products, our oil is more secure than other products, when used while accomplishing different maneuvers.  As there is less risk of slipping or falling, this high quality oil at low cost  is ideal for all construction projects:  commercial, ornamental, major projects, etc.


  • Biodegradable;
  • Ideal for multi-level buildings, ornamental  concrete, bridges and structures;
  • Secure for workers; eliminates inconveniences related to leaks and eventual spillage.


  • Ultra-competitive price;
  • Available in bulk (in certain regions);
  • Major variation of prices practically non-existant as not influenced by crude oil prices.
  • Efficient
  • Easy to vaporize under all temperatures.  Covers major surfaces;
  • Available in barrels of 20 litres, 205 litres and tote tanks of 1000 litres.